Who we are

The Public Association „Viața Fără Leucemie” (in translation meaning "Life Without Leukemia") was founded in late 2006, by the will of a group of parents whose children were diagnosed with oncological diseases of the blood and lymphatic system. The purpose of the Association was established right at the time of identifying its name, particularly to ensure to all children a life without leukemia, without cancer, without pain and suffering.


Childhood is the most beautiful and amazing period of life, when every child enjoys all the pleasures and happiness of new discoveries! Unfortunately, for some children and teenagers this period is less happy, because their joy is grabbed by the hardest disease of the mankind - cancer.

Every year, about 400,000 children and adolescents worldwide are diagnosed with various forms of cancers. In the Republic of Moldova, this figure is around 120 children, a huge number for our country.

We are the sole association in the Republic of Moldova supporting children diagnosed with oncological diseases and the families who care of these children. We focus our efforts on helping children under treatment within the paediatric departments of the Oncological Institute of the Republic of Moldova. Through our activities we strengthen the hope of young patients and their parents for healing and we undertake all possible actions to ensure a happy childhood and bring them back as soon as possible among healthy children.

Our vision: Each child diagnosed with an oncological disease, regardless of his or her social background, deserves support and should be offered access to the best possible treatment and medical care. Parents and caregivers of children diagnosed with oncological diseases must have access to all trustworthy information so that they can take informed decisions regarding the treatment of their children.

Families with children suffering from oncological diseases must be involved throughout the entire treatment process: from diagnosis to healing.