Doctor Clown

We recently have launched a new exciting and fun project for children in the pediatric oncology ward – Doctor Clown! Smiles and positive feelings sometimes help so much more than pills or shots! This is why we decided to help the kids bring out these emotions at least once a month. Needless to say, such visits are happening in most pediatric oncology hospitals around the world!

The children were extremely excited to take part in fun adventures, and the joy sparkling in their eyes is proof that Doctor Clown is successfully accomplishing his mission. The little ones always look forward to be visited by the team of clowns, who prepare super cool surprises for everyone each time – fun jokes, theater plays or magic tricks.

The kids need to be in a good mood during treatment in order to overcome the chemotherapy sessions more easily. Doctor Clown's mission is to contribute to the well-being of the little patients. He distracts them from fear, anxiety and pain and puts smiles on their faces. When they are surrounded by the clowns, the children feel optimistic, safe and prepared for painful medical procedures. Their good mood leads the way to successful healing.

The team has undergone special training to work with patients and they are familiar with the specific safety standards and psychological traits of the children, so we are sure that this collaborative project will be long-lasting.

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