Purse with Surprises

The smiles on the faces of children with cancer are priceless, because there is a lot of pain, suffering and sadness behind them. We can make them smile just by cheering them up with a surprise gift! We offer them such surprise purses for every special occasion, whether it's a holiday, their birthday, or just a beautiful day outside. Children appreciate gifts very much because they make their stay in the hospital easier and bring them happiness.
To offer Purses with surprises to the children in hospital, we need:
- toys (different sizes, for boys and girls aged 0 to 18 years, except for soft toys);
- new clothes;
- materials for creative activities (watercolors, sketchbooks, colored paper and cardboard, modeling clay etc.);
- board games;
- puzzles;
- healthy sweets, dehydrated fruits;
as well as any other things that can bring joy in the eyes of children admitted for treatment into pediatric oncology departments.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Items donated must be new and of good quality. Soft toys are not accepted, as they cannot be sanitized and collect dust, which is contraindicated for children with low immunity.

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