A Bookshelf with Hope

Reading is one of the few pastimes fully accessible to the patients of the pediatric onco-hematology ward, and to the parents who take care of these children. So we thought of setting up a bookshelf for everyone.

Since we have launched the project there were collected more than 1500 interesting books of different literary genres, colorful and attractive for children, unique and special. The books are carefully read by our little patients, and some become so familiar that they decide to take them home.

We are glad that through this wonderful project we can distract them at least a little from pain and illness and help them open up a wonderful new world.

We strive to bring new books to the "Bookshelf with Hope" and to replenish the library with even more interesting volumes. This will only be possible with the support of the entire community.

We accept book donations for the "Bookshelf with Hope", and it is very important that each book is new or in very good condition, sanitized so that it is safe for the little patients.

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