Provision of transport

"Driver with a good heart" is a new project of the "Life without Leukemia" Association, through which we want to provide free transportation to the hospital and back home for families who care for children with cancer, and for whom transportation is a difficulty. For many such families, going to the hospital represents an additional source of stress and expenses that, most of the time, they cannot afford.

Moreover, the kids have very low immunity during treatment, which is why they cannot use public transport as they risk contacting viruses and infections. Because of this, the little ones need to be taken home for small treatment breaks and then come back for the next stage of treatment in absolute safety, avoiding contact with many people.

If you own a private vehicle and are willing to help us, leave us a message and we'll give you more details. No matter where you are, you can donate some of your free time to the little ones who need help.

Following this QR code you can join our group "Driver with a good heart" on Telegram.

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