• Box of Courage

    Whenever you wish to make a child suffering from cancer smile, we invite you to make a present!

    The ”Box of Courage” is one of our projects initiated to award the bravest kids for the pain and unpleasant feelings they have to endure during treatment. Thus, every child can choose from among the bunch of different toys in the Box the one he likes most, which may alleviate his sufferings for a moment. All toys in the Box are new and are carefully selected in order to prevent any damaging for these kids with a weak immune system because of the disease and treatment.

    The Box of Courage is regularly supplemented by the Association volunteers and during the period of over 3 years since its launching managed to picture thousands of smiles on the faces of kids under treatment in the Oncological Institute of the Republic of Moldova.

    More details on the Box of Courage and how to supplement it can be found here

  • Purse with Surprises

    The smiles on the faces of children with cancer are priceless, because there is a lot of pain, suffering and sadness behind them. We can make them smile just by cheering them up with a surprise gift! We offer them such surprise purses for every special occasion, whether it's a holiday, their birthday, or just a beautiful day outside. Children appreciate gifts very much because they make their stay in the hospital easier and bring them happiness.

  • Doctor Clown

    Just before the winter holidays in 2022, we launched a new exciting and very fun project for children of the pediatric oncology ward - Doctor Clown! A smile and a positive emotion sometimes do much more than a pill or injection! Based on this truth, we set out to bring these emotions to children at least once a month. We know that such visits are widespread in most children oncology hospitals around the world!

  • A Bookshelf with Hope

    Since we have launched the project there were collected more than 1500 interesting books of different literary genres, colorful and attractive for children, unique and special. The books are carefully read by our little patients, and some become so familiar that they decide to take them home.

  • Laptops in the hospital

    Being in the hospital is not an impair to continue the studies! Online education is much easier and more efficient with the help of suitable electronic means. For this purpose, we managed to offer to our children admitted to the pediatric wards of the Oncological Institute the set of electronic equipment that can be used during their stay in hospital.

Activities in progress