Offer a gift

Whenever you wish to make a child suffering from cancer smile, we invite you to make a present!

You can offer:

  • toys (of different sizes, for boys and girls aged 0 to 18, except for soft toys);
  • school supplies (notebooks, pencils, pens, scissors, etc.);
  • materials and supplies for creative activities (watercolors, albums, colored paper and cardboard, plasticine, etc.);
  • books (literature, encyclopedias, poems, stories, etc., in Romanian and Russian)
  • puzzles;
  • sports inventory (for recreational, indoor and outdoor sports activities);
  • as well as any other things that can bring joy in the eyes of children admitted for treatment into pediatric oncology departments.

These toys will be offered to children through the "Box of Courage" or on various occasions (birthdays, Children’s Day, Easter or Christmas)

IMPORTANT NOTE: All items must be new, of good quality. Soft toys are not accepted as these items cannot be sanitized and might collect dust, which is harmful and prohibited for children with weak immune system.

Un cadou personalizat poate fi oferit prin intermediul proiectului nostru ”Purse with Surprises”!