Support the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Contribute to changing the lives of children affected by cancer. Each contribution, no matter its size, can bring hope and aid in these children's battle for a better future. Join our cause today and become a vital part of our effort to bring smiles and health back into their lives. Every donation, big or small, matters greatly!

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Reassignment of 2% of your income tax

The ”Viața fără leucemie” Association is included in the List of Beneficiaries for Percentage Designation published by the Public Services Agency.

How can you redirect 2% of the amount of your income tax?

When you fill in the Income Statement for the previous year, in the OPTIONAL column of the final section of the form, in row M1, enter the fiscal code of the Public Association "Life Without Leukemia" 1011620004380.

The Association „Viața Fără Leucemie” (in translation meaning "Life Without Leukemia") was founded in late 2006, by the will of a group of parents whose children were diagnosed with oncological diseases of the blood and lymphatic system. The purpose of the Association was established right at the time of identifying its name, particularly to ensure to all children a life without leukemia, without cancer, without pain and suffering. a asigura tuturor copiilor o viață fără leucemie, fără cancer, fără dureri și suferințe.

Childhood is the most beautiful and amazing period of life, when every child enjoys all the pleasures and happiness of new discoveries! Unfortunately, for some children and teenagers this period is less happy, because their joy is grabbed by the hardest disease of the mankind - cancer.

We provide help to our patients also by creating optimal conditions for treatment in the hospital. In this way we contribute by procuring modern medical equipment, supplement the stocks of consumables for this equipment if necessary, intervene with help in the procurement of medicines that are lacking in hospital stocks and are necessary in the process of treatment. In addition, we are putting efforts for the creation of optimal conditions in the hospital unit for patients and their caregivers (parents or other relatives).

We understand the crucial importance of parents in supporting a child diagnosed with cancer and we provide help to socially vulnerable families to cope with the challenges related to this disease. Their role is decisive when the child is under cancer treatment, which is a very painful one, with many procedures, investigations and with multiple psycho-emotional effects.