Symptoms of Cancer in Children

Depending on the type of cancer the symptoms may be different. We will list the most characteristic and most common symptoms:

  1. Weight loss - inexplicable and continuous.
  2. Pain in the joints (joints) or bones when the child is active and playing or even when the child is resting. The appearance of swellings on the body that continue to increase in size (growing).
  3. Headaches accompanied by vomiting, especially in the first half of the day - in the morning.
  4. Inflamed lymph nodes that remain enlarged even after the completion of a certain treatment - usually in the neck, axillary (armpits), groin, abdomen
  5. Enlargement of the abdomen in volume (large and swollen belly).
  6. Nasal, gingival bleeding, bruising or bleeding in different regions of the body, frequent rashes.
  7. An almost white glow that appears on the retina, when the eye is exposed to light, loss of visual acuity (decreased vision).
  8. Pronounced and permanent fatigue, pale skin.
  9. Persistent fever of unknown origin, profuse sweating.
  10. Various common infections.

Although the cause of cancer to children are not known, there are some risk factors that could speed up the disease:

  • Ionizing radiation, electromagnetic fields, chemical carcinogens;
  • Genetic syndromes: Down, Li Fraumeni;
  • Infectious agents - Epstein Barr virus (EBV), HIV;
  • Previous radiotherapy and chemotherapy (increased risk of developing another cancer in the future).

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