I want to be treated at home in Moldova

On the International Childhood Cancer Day, marked on 15th of February, the Association "Life without Leukemia" published the Manifesto in support of pediatric cancer patients from the Republic of Moldova, where it highlighted one of the most pressing problems in pediatric cancer - limited access to early diagnostic services. The call was taken over by the local media, being publicly spread by the most important TV channels, the written press and on the Internet.

According to WHO findings, each year, approximately 400 000 children and adolescents of 0-19 years old are diagnosed with cancer. In high-income countries, where comprehensive services are generally accessible, more than 80% of children with cancer are cured. In low- and middle-income countries, an estimated 15-45% are cured. The current medical system of the Republic of Moldova, where in 2020 every 4 days a child was hospitalized in the Oncological Institute being diagnosed with a form of cancer, is not able to provide early diagnosis services of leukemia - the most common type of pediatric cancer. Given the absence of a Childhood Cancer Registry in Moldova, the exact cure rate is not known, the publicly presented statistics being based only on approximate estimates.

As an association of parents whose children have had cancer, knowing all the difficulties and consequences of cancer treatment in children, and wanting to help improve the situation related to the early diagnosis of the most common type of pediatric cancer, the Association "Life Without Leukemia” has launched a fundraising campaign to equip the immunological laboratory of the Oncological Institute with the flowcytometer – a device capable of performing analysis by immunophenotyping method, the safest, fastest and most accurate method of diagnosing leukemias.

The Republic of Moldova is probably the only country in the region where the state cannot provide such a diagnosis to cancer patients. We will not refer to the causes of such a limitation, but rather we want to focus on the possibility to overcome this gap. The cost of such an equipment amounts to 220 thousand US dollars, and the success of the campaign depends on the involvement and generosity of everyone.

We invite you to join the campaign "I want to be treated at home in Moldova" and be a part of the essential change for the Republic of Moldova in the field of childhood cancer early diagnosis. Pediatric cancer cannot be prevented, but, according to the WHO statement, timely and correct diagnosis results in a much higher probability of survival, less suffering, less expensive and less intensive treatment.

This change is being much awaited by all patients in the Republic of Moldova with oncological blood diseases, and it can be achieved through the success of this fundraising campaign. By offering a philanthropic donation to the Public Association "Life without leukemia", you will directly contribute for the improvement of conditions for early diagnosis of leukemia for pediatric cancer patients, and thus will support the augmentation of cure and survival rate for the patients with this type of cancer in the Republic of Moldova.

It’s time to act now! The donations are collected on a separate banc account opened for this particular purpose.

Donations are also accepted online on the Association’s website, as well as on our bank accounts with the special mention “flowcitometer”.

Media on the Manifesto by „Life Without Leukemia”

Natalia Vîlcu-Bajurean: La nivel mondial, 400 de mii de copii anual se îmbolnăvesc de cancer și noi nu putem fi o excepție (europalibera.org)

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