School for the parents

After lengthy preparations, we launched a long-awaited project to provide support, information and empowerment for parents taking care of children undergoing oncological treatments in the Pediatric Onco-Hematology ward of the Oncological Institute.

The idea of this project arose from the urgent needs we identified while communicating with parents. The course and outcome of the treatment largely depends on the knowledge of the caretaking parent. They are responsible for proper care and nutrition, providing the necessary assistance in critical situations, constantly monitoring the child's condition and providing them with much-needed psychological support.

We know that the lectures to be held at this school are exetremely necessary and useful, because every member of our Association has gone through the experience. Thus, we are now sharing our knowledge and we give advice so that the parents can avoid making some mistakes.

We have developed a program that includes information on subjects related to treatment, care and rehabilitation of children with oncological diseases. It also provides break sessions for parents - relaxation therapies, massages, art therapy, etc. which will be joined by specialists and professionals. We are certain that mothers, fathers and grandparents caring for their sick children will find this information necessary, and they will also get a chance to renew their strength, energy and good mood to continue supporting the children toward victory over the illness.

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